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"I have been with Elvita Kondili for over a year and I can't imagine switching therapists. I have worked with a number of therapists over the years and have to rate her at the top. Her method and approach is quite open and warm. However, she does an excellent job at challenging my flawed thinking. I appreciate that I can get feedback from her when I request it, but she is also very good at helping me to work through things on my own. I find value in every session and the themes stressed in sessions have had a lasting impact on me. I can recommend her for personal therapy. She has helped me deal with the end of a marriage, battle addiction, and other issues related poor self-image." ~ Tim

​"When I look back at the process of personal transformation that I have undertaken over the past year, I consider therapy with Elvita one of the most crucial and integral aspects. I regularly comment to friends that Elvita has helped me piece my life back together one session at a time! When I first came to her, I was completely lost. I had few to no healthy coping mechanisms and had not been emotionally capable of addressing and processing a lifetime of family dysfunction and codependence and the resulting unhealthy behavioral patterns that had developed as a result. With patience, kindness, and understanding, Elvita has helped empower and equip me with coping skills and healthy boundaries in my life. From our very first session, I felt that she understood what I was experiencing and was a strong advocate in my recovery. I feel absolutely certain I would not be where I am at today without her support and encouragement." ~ Carlese

​"Elvita brings a fresh perspective to whatever topic we discuss in our sessions. She has a talent for helping me to articulate my feelings but also helping me to put them in their proper place in order to grow. The sessions I attended with my fiance (now husband) inevitably resulted in a deeper, more meaningful understanding between us as a couple about difficult personal history and family relationships. I love her method of eliciting "the evidence" that I/we have for a particular troubling thought or belief-and challenging that belief. I am so grateful that Elvita works in Charlotte and that I have her to talk to!" ~ Lisa

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