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​​​​​The Good Therapy 

Elvita Kondili, Counselor, Life Coach, therapist in Charlotte mindfulness coach

5200 Park Rd Suite 200-3  Charlotte, NC 28209  704-776-0327

Benefits of Counseling

  • Identify the source of your problem(s)
  • Identify unhealthy relationship and behavioral patterns
  • Develop coping skills and manage emotions
  • Stop destructive patterns of behaviors
  • Identify future goals that make sense to you
  • Enhance motivation to change

Health & Wellness 
Stress management 
Social Life
Boundaries & Assertiveness

  • Stop procrastination and self-doubt
  • Feel empowered and energized
  • Learn to watch your mind
  • Learn to relax
  • Improve relationships
  • Learn to be more assertive and have healthy boundaries
  • Improve communication with your partner and family
  • Become more peaceful and loving
  • Explore your life purpose and meaning 

Habit Management
Goal Achievement & Motivation
Life Transitions
Work-Life Balance 
Identity and Life Purpose

Couples & Married Life
Intimacy & Sex
Parenting & Co-Parenting
LGBT Couples